D11081: UI improvements for problem reporter

Anton Anikin noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Mar 16 12:58:37 UTC 2018

antonanikin added a comment.

  In D11081#226751 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D11081#226751>, @kfunk wrote:
  > > New version also allows us to add mechanism for temporarily blocking (disabling) some widgets for example "Full Update" button when model reset is started. This now done with using ProblemModel::featuresChanged signal which emitted by cppcheck plugin at start and at the end of analysis.
  > This part of the Diff can be pushed I think. I guess that's separate commit anyway, correct?
  Kevin, I agree what whole patch is not so critical but adds some "bloating" for us. Let's drop it, ok.
  But if we want to add `ProblemModel::featuresChanged` mechanism then I think we should disable `Full Update` button instead hiding. With current behavior we will have annoying widget "jumping":
  1. Analysis (cppcheck for example) is stared - `Full Update` button is hided.
  2. Analysis is ended - `Full Update` button is showed. If such analysis is short (single file for example) such hiding/showing looks ugly I think.
  I suggest to make new revision only with `ProblemModel::featuresChanged` part and with `Full Update` button disabling instead hiding - ok?

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