Build Problem: "Could not find any plugins on startup"

Sven Brauch mail at
Thu Mar 8 07:01:50 UTC 2018

> Since I was building kdevelop as a standalone program without the kde I
> don't have the $HOME/kde/usr directory. So I set the QT_PLUGIN_PATH to the
> location of the local .so files in kdevelop/build/plugins. I even tried
> putting all the .so into a separate directory and putting that into the
> path. All to no avail.
> Is it a preferred approach to build the whole kde from source viz. to use
> the kdesrc-build tool even if one just wants to build kdevelop?

That directory being created is unrelated to building any other KDE
components, it's sufficient to run "make install" in KDevelop. Not sure
why loading the plugins without installing doesn't work for you, but I
guess they do not find the libraries they are linked against (because
those are not installed into a useful location).

Making KDevelop runnable without installing it would be a nice thing,
but it's not currently the case afaik.


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