Build Problem: "Could not find any plugins on startup"

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Wed Mar 7 20:58:23 UTC 2018


I am new to development of kdevelop and kde apps in general.

I have compiled the kdevelop master version on ubuntu artful. After
installing the libraries needed by cmake as ubuntu packages, the build
process finishes ok. In the build folder/app there is now a kdevelop binary
and in build/plugins there are the .so files for different plugins. For
example for  the class browser plugin, there is the in

When I start the kdevelop binary there opens a window with the following
message: "Could not find any plugins during startup. Please make sure
QT_PLUGIN_PATH is set correctly."
There is also a link to a page with information about setting the runtime:

export KF5=$HOME/kde/usr
export QTDIR=/usr
export QT_PLUGIN_PATH=$KF5/lib/plugins:$KF5/lib64/plugins:$

Since I was building kdevelop as a standalone program without the kde I
don't have the $HOME/kde/usr directory. So I set the QT_PLUGIN_PATH to the
location of the local .so files in kdevelop/build/plugins. I even tried
putting all the .so into a separate directory and putting that into the
path. All to no avail.

Is it a preferred approach to build the whole kde from source viz. to use
the kdesrc-build tool even if one just wants to build kdevelop?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards!

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