Phabricator Notification Mails

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Wed Mar 7 09:16:59 UTC 2018

Hi all,

It has been brought to my attention that some find that they are
receiving too much mail or other notifications from Phabricator. For
those who are unaware there are numerous options available within
Phabricator to allow you to control how much it notifies you of

To customise the notices you receive, open your account settings
(available from the dropdown menu beside your avatar in the top
menubar, or at and select the
"Email Preferences" section.

You can choose to receive email, just receive an in-Phabricator
notification, or receive nothing at all for the various categories
provided there.

In the case of mailing lists, Sysadmin also has the option of
customising these for the list itself as well. Should people wish to
have this changed please bring it up on the list itself then file a
ticket once a consensus has been reached. Unfortunately Community
Admins do not have the ability to change these settings.

If you are receiving duplicate email for a project (because you are
also subscribed to it's mailing list) then Phabricator also allows you
to disable this by opening the Project, browsing to Members and
selecting the "Disable Mail" option.

If a large number of people find themselves needing to use the
"Disable Mail" option then we may need to reconsider how we are
currently setting up Herald rules (currently we subscribe the Project
and rely on the mailing list being a member of the Project to send
mail to the list - this also has the added benefit of looping the list
in on changes to tasks without needing an additional Herald rule).


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