D17794: Pkg-config plugin

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rjvbb added a comment.

  Continuing from a few thoughts I launched on the original T10209 <https://phabricator.kde.org/T10209>, mainly aimed at keeping the project configuration dialog's left side-bar as unencumbered as possible. I think the current plugin could be merged into the customdefinesandincludes plugin because it provides a programmatic way to add include paths and/or defines.
  > blackwarthog added a comment.
  >   > You'll get more feedback on this when you present your patch via a differential (aka "patch") review.
  >   Already https://phabricator.kde.org/D17794
  >   Sorry, it was my misunderstanding. May i suggest to add link to these instructions <https://community.kde.org/Infrastructure/Phabricator> to this page <https://www.kdevelop.org/contribute-kdevelop> :)
  >   'custom-definesandincludes' provides generic functionality for injection of cuctom includes and defines into build and indexing sequence. This functionality uses by CMake, Make and other build plugins.
  Are you certain that information is used for anything other than parsing? That would mean the heading in the side bar (`Language Support`) isn't a very happy choice.
  OTOH, if you're right, certain of the build managers could benefit just like the parser from relevant information injected through pkgconfig, meaning this is actually an argument in favour of patching the customdefines* plugin rather than adding another one.
  > Pkgconfig functionality is more specialized and not always applicable for MacOS and windows, required to run third-party application etc. So, i think it is not good idea to merge these plugins into one.
  A project either requires pkgconfig or it doesn't, and the user may or may not need (or want) to rely on pkgconfig to add custom include paths. I don't think the platform used enters into the equation. But if pkgconfig is by definition NOT available on a given target platform the corresponding code can be omitted from the build.
  It's relevant to know here if KDevelop can be built without pkgconfig. If not, pkgconfig is by definition available for all platforms where the IDE can run.
  >   May be we need to export some new interface from 'custom-definesandincludes' to allow for other plugins to put addiional sub-pages into 'Language support' page.
  That probably requires more of an overhaul than anyone feels like implementing...

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