String freeze for 5.3 next Full Moon (Sun, Aug. 26th), 23:00 CEST

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Thu Aug 23 10:59:24 BST 2018


as agreed with Sven on irc last week we had delayed the 5.3 string freeze to 
after the kdevclazy plugin has been merged. With that now in, and thus the 
last planned feature added, let's officially have the string freeze now 
upcoming Sunday (as just agreed with Kevin on irc).

So everyone, give all the UI strings a last check. If there was some text 
bugger you always wanted to fix, but always delayed, now is the time :)
Native English speakers, please also give the UI strings of the Clazy plugin a 
check, so far it was only reviewed by non-native speakers.

On other notes, it was also agreed with Sven that we could do some more code 
clean-up/brush-over on the 5.3 branch (like those motivated by clazy & Co) 
until the Beta will be tagged.
So that's why we still have non-bug-fix commits there currently.


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