D14288: Initial version of Clazy analyzer plugin

Anton Anikin noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Aug 20 07:17:23 BST 2018

antonanikin added a comment.

  > Note that, unless you pack clazy as well, the plugin will be unusable for AppImage/Windows.
  Hmm... I thought that clazy/clang/gcc/etc should be installed by user and we will only use system tools from our plugin(s).


> pino wrote in test_clazyjob.cpp:82
> Clazy::Job creates a makefile that itself invokes clazy-standalone. Also, the outputs that are checked for (e.g. `stderrOutput1` & friends) are printed by clazy-standalone, aren't they?

`Clazy::Job` creates a makefile only when it created with "right" constructor.  `JobTester` uses "fake" empty one and can't be run. In our test we call only `postProcessStdout()` and `postProcessStderr()` methods - so this test is only "parser test". Such approach also used by Cppcheck plugin - we tests only parser without execution of any external tools/libs.

`stderrOutput1` & friends are taken form `clazy-standalone` output for some real code and then adapted for our tests (filename, line and column numbers are changed).

  R32 KDevelop


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