D14288: Initial version of Clazy analyzer plugin

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Aug 19 13:45:50 BST 2018

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  Helped myself around that crash by just turning the path into a canonical one, doing this:
    const auto filePath = QFileInfo(match.captured(1)).canonicalFilePath();
  Not sure if this is the correct fix, more a wild guess to get things going for more testing.
  Some more things I noticed:
  - running on the project can result in duplicated problem reports, e.g. if a source file is used as source for multiple build products -> deduplication could be considered as future improvement
  - tooltip on problems in the source code view have strange rendering with too much spacing around the check title
  - tooltips for problems in general have a problem if the help text is very long, resulting in way too big tooltips (at least on old low-dpi screens :) )
  - would be nice to see which checks actually are backed by fix-its, but that needs improvements with clazy I guess to be able to query that? wroth a todo note at least somewhere
  Used the plugin already to polish KDevelop codebase some more, cmp. row of commits to 5.3 branch :)
  Maintainers: @brauch, @apol, @kfunk, @mwolff What is your take? IMHO would be good to get this in ASAP into 5.3 branch, before the beta..
  Works for me (modulo what I mentioned) and the current feature set should be good enough for 5.3 series.

  R32 KDevelop


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