KDevelop 5.3 and other releases

Sven Brauch mail at svenbrauch.de
Tue Aug 14 22:01:23 BST 2018

Hey there,

I discussed a bit with people at akademy and in #kdevelop how to continue with 
KDevelop releases.

We should definitely do a 5.3 soon, we have lots of features and fixes which 
would be nice to release. I created 5.3 branches in the relevant repos, but no 
tags or tarballs yet.

I would like to change the stable branch to 5.3 so we can announce a string 
freeze; this means we would not do a 5.2.4 release. Does anybody urgently want 
this to happen, still? Then please scream within the next few days. I looked 
through the log and it does not seem like we have any urgent fixes in there 
(the latest two assert fixes only crash in debug mode).

Then, Friedrich has worked on the clang-tidy and clazy plugins. We discussed 
that we'd merge clazy before the 5.3 beta, but keep clang-tidy as a separately 
released repo for now. We would try to get both of them into the AppImage and 
windows installer, though (unclear who takes care of that still). Also here, 
if you have a different opinion, let's discuss :)

All the best from Vienna,
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