René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Apr 9 17:42:26 UTC 2018

On Monday April 09 2018 17:48:46 Milian Wolff wrote:

>I quite frankly don't care. Sounds like HFS is a broken file system then.

Translation: "I don't care about Mac" ...? Somehow that doesn't surprise me. But it's good to know, I won't bother any longer to upstream Mac-specific improvements.

HFS is old and has its issues. I'm pretty certain APFS will have its own share of issues, just like about any other filesystem out there.

>Then don't compress them. You wouldn't compress a folder with compressed 
>binary data either, like images, videos, music, ... or do you?

If I can get an additional 70% compression doing that, then yes I would.

>Well, you use KDevelop in a completely unsupported manner: You don't want to 
>cache anything. And you seem to suffer from HFS issues with compression which 
>we all don't use.

Oh, please read me correctly, and instruct yourself before making uninformed remarks.
- I do not NOT want to cache anything. I don't mind regenerating it (because it makes an already slow operation only a bit slower)
- I do not suffer from HFS compression. Again, I don't compress topcontexts and the operations I mentioned that took a lot of time have nothing to do with compression. Also, HFS only supports transparent DEcompression which comes at a neglible cost; ZERO cost for everything except reading the file contents.

>Yes, one per encountered file.

Including system headers? That would explain why a session with 2 really small projects reaches 1040 topcontext files.

>LMDB is afaik unsafe to use on NFS. 
>Was this fixed?

Running a duchain cache dir on NFS must be ... interesting...
Baloo uses LMDB so if baloo works on NFS home dirs any issues LMDB might have had with that must have been fixed.

>And does it work on 
>Windows nowadays?

I've seen mention of a fix or two targetting MS Windows but that's an issue for later AFAIC. I've picked LMDB because it claims to do memory mapping, but that may actually be overkill if KDevelop already does its own mmapping. Maybe leveldb will be sufficient - and that one is bound to work on MS Windows.
For now I've only focussed on creating the database and apparently this is done only when projects are unloaded.

BTW, is there a reason why the different files (keys) aren't written in order sorted by topcontext index? Maybe they will rarely if ever be read in a known order from storage? 


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