D8059: KDevelop: abstractfilemanagerimport benchmark

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Mon Oct 23 18:17:02 UTC 2017

mwolff added a comment.

  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D8059#157415, @rjvbb wrote:
  > Anyone interested: here's an observation related to benchmarking dirwatching:
  > I have a session with a project for audacity (2.2.0-rc1, git working copy). I notice that KDevelop becomes noticeably busy on the UI thread when I run configure on that project (in a regular in-tree set-up). I'd be curious to know if others see this as well (with stock KDevelop) - be it with audacity or any comparably large project that contains sources for more than a few 3rd-party dependencies that all use autoconf.
  Again, use a profiler and see where the load comes from. But sure, if you are running in-tree, a lot of dirty directory change signals will come in and need to be handled. This also means the filter will run on them. Depending on how many events are fired, this can take some time of course. But this is not part of this patch here at hand! Please concentrate on getting this one in first...

  R32 KDevelop


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