D9034: Do not crash if there is still pending connections

waldo cancino noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Nov 29 10:41:50 UTC 2017

wcancino added a comment.

  Well, I did some experiments and I think I got it why it was coded like that, and why the patch is correct (depending on what behavoiur was intended by original author):
  IMHO, the original intention was for the following case:
  - Let start the debug of some php script,
  - As multiconnection is allowed, another instance of such script can be launched waiting to be debugged.
  - As soon as the first script finished,  debugger enter to NonStarted state and  he second script can be debugged ( and it will stops on the break points defined).
  The problem was  the debugger reamined in NonStarted state even if pending connections. Side effect, "Debug launch" button is enable, as "NonStarted"
  state allows it, and then Kdevelop crashed.
  We can fixed as well if we put a EndedState for any case, but in that case, if a second connection is waiting, it will simply not debug.

  R68 KDevelop XDebug Support


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