"generic language support"

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 10:55:51 UTC 2017


Picking up on yesterday's discussion, and the question about Tcl support posted a few days before. I wonder if something like the following has ever been considered or is already being developped somewhere:

Xcode has or used to have a code/syntax parser that can/could be extended (with XML files) a bit like how KSyntaxHighlighting can be extended. I used that (long ago) to add an admittedly rather basic support for Python and/or Modula-2 to the IDE editor. Come to think of it, I'd guess that much of what could be done is already provided through KSyntaxHighlighting, except the specification of how variable, type, class, function, procedure, macro etc. definitions are done in the language.

As I said, that would add only very basic support, but in my experience it's already very practical to have an outline navigator and a possibility to look up/jump to the place where some symbol is defined. 

I realise that this kind of information and functionality might also be obtained via an external tool like ctags. A quick search through the source shows that a "CTags2 plugin" once existed, and I see Kate5 still comes with a CTags plugin. That one ought to be accessible from KDevelop too, no?


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