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Anton Anikin anton at anikin.xyz
Sun Nov 5 14:55:53 UTC 2017


Last year in my spare time I worked on a project which today I would
like to introduce to all. The aim of the project is the creation of
unified developer documentation viewer. Today we have several
documentation formats each with its own viewer:

1) QtHelp - supported by Qt Assistant. "Must have" for every Qt/KDE

2) Man pages - supported by standard viewer (console), KIO-Man (KDE).
Are used by almost all developers.

3) Dash - over 500 docsets for different
languages/platforms/frameworks/etc. Supported by Dash
(https://kapeli.com/dash - OS X and iOS), Zeal (https://zealdocs.org -
Linux/Windows) and also by some other viewers. Very useful for almost
all developers.

4) CHM (Microsoft) - supported by xchm/kchmviewer/... This format is
rarely used but may be useful for some developers.

As a result we have multiple viewer each with own documentation base.
And we need to remember what documentation is supported by a particular
viewer, start/switch to it, then find doc and view it. Each viewer also
has its own settings for search/fonts/etc.

This fragmented situation made me tired and I decided to try to make one
viewer for all major formats. The current name of the project -
KDevDocs, it supports all formats listed above. Presented version is not
stable, contains some known bugs (and, of course, a lot of not yet
discovered by me), but it enough stable for every-day usage.

The source code can be downloaded from my personal repo:


Build dependencies:
  Qt5 with QWebEngine
  KDevelop/kdevplatform (for simple integration plugin)
  libchm (for CHM support)
  gperf (for Man support)

Also note that after building you must run "make install" for correct
work - program icons must be installed in proper directories.

Your comments/suggestions and patches are welcome :)

Hope KDevDocs will be useful for you.


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