D5794: Copy text from NavigationWidget when selecting

Kevin Funk noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed May 10 12:56:20 UTC 2017

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  +1 on the incentive. I had that somewhere on my TODO list...
  Also note: Selecting the next, then pressing the middle mouse button already does work. This is not discoverable on other platforms than Linux though.


> abstractnavigationwidget.cpp:115
> +  connect(d->m_browser, &QTextEdit::selectionChanged, this, [=]() {
> +    d->m_browser->copy();
> +  });

That's unexpected behavior.

Better: Use a small "copy" icon, preferrably in the upper right corner, which copies the text to the clipboard when clicked?

  R33 KDevPlatform


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