D5584: Introduction of runtimes

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  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D5584#106860, @mwolff wrote:
  > first of all, sorry for the long delay Aleix. I haven't yet had time to look at the code, just watched your videos which look pretty neat. some high-level questions:
  No worries!
  > - would one need to build from scratch every time, or do you support some way to do partial rebuilds inside the container?
  Not really. It depends on the tech used of course but it works just fine here. Both for flatpak and docker (and obviously Android) allow to keep their build directory so it can just be re-used. The catch is that you want a different build directory per runtime, but I'd say that's a given.
  > - did you actually manage to integrate the container environment into our language system? i.e. at work I'm working on one project inside a docker container that contains important thirdparty dependencies that are unavailable on my host system. in kdevelop, that leads to tons of "file not found" errors and so forth - how do you deal with that?
  That's the whole point of this approach, yes. And that's what the pathInRuntime/Host are supposed to achieve. (also see the kdev patch, it has some logic to translate include paths, although it's not working very well just yet, I'm assuming I'm failing to invalidate a cache somewhere).
  For flatpak it should just work as the contained file system is easily available.
  I haven't found a way to access the docker file system yet (without sshfs that is, which I consider a last resource approach).
  > - you mention GDB, so we can build/run/debug transparently from kdev within a container with this patch?
  I haven't tested it yet, but it should just work as long as flatpak (which commonly does) and docker provide gdb. In this use case we'll still be triggering a process with which we can interact through the GDBMI protocol.

  R33 KDevPlatform


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