D6355: Group abstract overrides in clang completion

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Wed Jun 28 10:26:50 UTC 2017

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  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D6355#120119, @apol wrote:
  > In https://phabricator.kde.org/D6355#119988, @kossebau wrote:
  > > Usually I have some motivation to (re-)implement some certain virtual method (e.g. following a tutorial or documentation), and then I know already the name and also might not really care if the base method is abstract or not, that is a minor detail similar to constness.
  > >  Having to scan two separate lists possibly to find the method will mean extra time spent on many occasions without too much gain.
  > I don't think that's true by far. Leaf classes are obviously more common and it makes sense just to declare them as soon as possible.
  "them" = virtual methods which are abstract in base classes? Have to say "as soon as possible" does not make sense with me. At least when implementing existing interfaces, then a method being abstract would be no driving motivator to prioritize implementing it, compared to methods with dummy default implementation or ones which need specialisation in my class to make it work. *shrug*
  Sounds as if this separate list serves as TODO list for some for implementing subclasses? Hm, would not match my workflows, but people are different.
  >> Not sure autocompletion should be used for that.
  > It's been like this since early KDevelop 4, I wouldn't change it now, especially not with the current state where the abstract ones are just hidden.
  Okay, was not aware this is a regression over cpp, only started to make more use of autocompletion in KDevelop since last year.
  "just hidden" -> "not being highlighted as abstract" you mean? But the "= 0" tells this, no?
  >> That aside, "Abstract Override" as term should see some more thinking, at least in Scala this has a different meaning :) No better proposal right now myself.
  > Do you have a proposal? Otherwise it's just bit-rotting...
  "Pure Virtual Override" perhaps?

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