KDevelop BoF at Akademy

Aleix Pol aleixpol at kde.org
Fri Jul 28 15:27:00 UTC 2017

Dear KDevelopers,
We had a bit of discussion at Akademy regarding KDevelop, here's some
notes we took while discussing it:

- merging repositories, will send a separate e-mail
- State C++ support: we basically complained for some minutes about
it. Most notably
  * the issue that Sven already fixed (partially I think)
  * Volker pointed out that when he enables the background parser his
KDevelop crashes, so he has to run it without the code parsed (!) with
all its disadvantages.
- QMLJS: Could use some love.
- JS support is not very useful without full ECMAScript 8 support
(which qml doesn't support)
- Python: People seem happy but we could to put some effort in some
python tooling so people can make better use of it. Specifically
virtual environment integration. Adrián will shed some light to it.
- The Import Project dialog is broken on non-plasma systems according to Sven.


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