D6682: Update class names in DUDhain API dox

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Thu Jul 13 19:49:01 UTC 2017

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  Yes re. the switch from `KDevelop::SymbolTable` to `KDevelop::PersistentSymbolTable`:
    commit a40d774da71d763cc37cf695c0742a3c746364c9
    Author: David Nolden <david.nolden.kde at art-master.de>
    Date:   Wed Sep 3 20:29:05 2008 +0000
        Completely remove the runtime symbol-table hash, in favor of the persistent on-disk symbol table.
        This will allow not creating the actual Declaration and DUContext objects while loading, but just creating them on-demand, thus greatly speed up the loading of top-contexts.
        But already now it speeds up loading/unloading, because the symbol-table doesn't need to be updated.
        The downside is that the persistent symbol table contains ALL declarations, and thus more declarations need to be checked while searching.
        - Try stopping the too fast growth of the persistent symbol table
        - Add a persistent context table, and rename the previous symbol table to declaration table.
        - Port all the uses of SymbolTable to use PersistentSymbolTable.

  R33 KDevPlatform


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