D6316: Add codecompletion from embedded structs

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ematirov added a comment.

  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D6316#121700, @brauch wrote:
  > No, I was thinking that the next block with the openContext(...) should automatically re-use the internalContext() of the declaration if that is indeed the same. In any case, when looking at it like this, don't you need to set the new range on the context? Doesn't that become a problem when you extend the range during editing?
  I tried and it doesn't re-use it. Re range: "methods" are declared outside class scope \ declaration. So, probably updating the context of struct declaration is struct declaration visiter work. TBH, I am not even sure about that openContext(node, editorFindRange(node, 0)....). It's used in cases where type is just a alias to another type but contains it's own methods. Not sure what range to specify in this case though.

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