[Differential] [Commented On] D4232: Bring back memory view

Morten Volden noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jan 25 14:29:45 UTC 2017

volden added inline comments.


> mwolff wrote in memviewdlg.cpp:53
> consider using a .ui file generated with Qt designer instead as a follow-up cleanup

My Plan is this:

1. Bring back memory view
2. Add an autoupdate feature to the memview (either by default or an auto update button)
3. Figure out an easier way to get the address of a specific variable transported to MemoryRangeSelector (Maybe rigth-click from the variables tool  view, or something similar)

So I plan to do some more work on some of this code and I can definitely do this as well, but I think it probably belongs in a separate differential.

> mwolff wrote in memviewdlg.cpp:68
> why did you remove the this parameter everywhere?

Good question. I started getting these in the log:

kdevelop(13251)/default unknown: QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout "" to KDevMI::GDB::MemoryRangeSelector "", which already has a layout

Which I gather are a result of

  QGridLayout* gl = new QGridLayout(this);


  QHBoxLayout* hb = new QHBoxLayout(this);

and the subsequent calls to addLayout() and the call to setLayout(l) . I will leave remove the this pointer from the two layouts and leave the rest as is.

> mwolff wrote in memviewdlg.cpp:86
> please always use the 4-arg connect, i.e. pass a "this" before a lambda to make sure it gets properly unconnected when this gets deleted
> also, prefer explicit capture lists over the catch-all ones: =/&
> here, replace = with okButton

Done. I assume you mean the other way around - right?

  R32 KDevelop



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