Status of Memory view?

Morten Volden mvolden2 at
Mon Jan 16 18:45:25 UTC 2017


I kinda miss the memory view in kdevelop/debuggers/gdb (memviewdlg).

I am a little unsure of its current state though. Its inclusion in the
build depends on the CMAKE variable OKTETA_FOUND.

As far as I can see that variable is never set since we are looking only
for OktetaKastenControllers and KastenControllers in kdevelop/utils. Or
maybe I am missing something?

Also it includes byteseditinterface.h which used to reside in kdelibs, but
I cannot find it anywhere in frameworks. Has it been replaced by something

Is anyone working on bringing back the memory view? (in some form or

If not, I might be interested in taking on the job if someone can point me
in the right(ish) direction.


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