[linux] kdevelop crashing after replacing libKDevPlatformXXX.so.10.0.0 ?!

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 10:48:17 UTC 2017

On Saturday January 14 2017 11:35:26 Sven Brauch wrote:

>That is correct but not true for overwriting the file, which I assume is

Overwriting as in opening an existing file and rewriting it, rather than replacing it?
>what "make install" does. Maybe the file is not correctly locked for
>overwriting ...?

I asked about `make install` because I skipped that step; instead I copied directly from the build directory to the install directory.

I you're right about `make install` then we should probably see frequent issues with running applications after updating the installed version that way. Yet that's not my experience, fortunately (I cannot count the number of times I was happy I still had the "original" version running to undo a change...)

Shortly after sending this message I had another KDevelop crash, this time when I started typing in a file in a newly started (and fully idle) session, and deep in Qt's JS code; apparently an allocation went wrong in something called through KTextEditor. That's when I decided I'd better reboot.
Since, I've run `make install` on KDevPlatform with 1 or 2 KDevelop sessions running and they didn't crash. I haven't yet tried to copy a single shlib like before, but I'm crossing my fingers I just had a system instability that didn't mess anything up permanently.

Come to think of it, I don't run `make install` directly to the install directory (/opt/local). Instead it goes through a package manager, so I do something like:
- make install DESTDIR=/path/to/destroot
- cd /path/to/destroot && tar -cjf /path/to/package.tar.bz2 .
- cd / && tar -xf /path/to/package.tar.bz2

AFAIK existing files are replaced, not rewritten when unpacking a tar archive.


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