mouse clicks getting lost?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sun Jan 8 21:06:09 UTC 2017


For a while now I've been having the impression that mouse clicks are getting lost, esp. on Mac and less so on my Linux rig with a mostly identical build. I cannot really be sure about that though, I use the Mac much more for KDevelop.

Anyway, the issue happens mostly when right-clicking in an open document. I now have a session open where most of the time I simply do not get the context menu when I right-click, esp. not when the click is on a location that's different from the current cursor. But I'm also seeing the context menus not closing when I right-click on a new location with the context menu already open. And sometimes I get a context menu that behaves like it's following the mouse, i.e. it closes and reopens on a new location. 

I wonder if the background parser isn't partly to blame, holding up the event treatment, or possibly even eating the event before the context menu is shown.

When the menu does open I see this printed on the calling terminal:
QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action

For a couple of times now when importing a new CMake project I have to click twice on the "Next" button in the screen that appears after you make the 1st selection of the CMakeLists.txt file. 

It's a bit as if the 1st click only transfers focus to the target widget.

I also have the impression that I unwantingly trigger the Build action more often in the project manager context menu, but that may just be because I am overly impatient because I'm more and more expecting my input actions to result in something different from what I asked for.

I'm not seeing this with the same documents opened in Kate, apart from maybe a bit of sluggishness.

I'm currently running
KDevPlatform e78dd9851787258053d56a4a31d35408b79cf436
KDevelop 4f5ef69b9dca71a168cbad8f9dd025495b88686d

I'd ask if I'm imagining things but I think I'm beyond asking myself that question :)

Any feedback welcome...

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