[KDevelop feedback] Kdevelop 5.1 problem on Windows 7, 10

Kevin Funk kfunk at kde.org
Sun Jan 8 10:45:21 UTC 2017

On Sunday, 8 January 2017 08:06:47 CET KDevelop wrote:
> Ilya (not verified) (Ivkogan at netscape.net) sent a message using the contact
> form at https://www.kdevelop.org/contact/kdevelop_feedback.
> Message
>            I had the same problem on both OS versions. File from a project
> (new,
> or newely created) can't be saved - there is an error message about not
> being able to access FS/disk. Traced the problem to the libclang.dll. Tried
> replacing the installed DLL with one from the officially released 3.9.1
> LLVM, and this solved the saving problem, but caused frequent crashes. Had
> much more success with the 3.9.0 DLL.

Thanks for the report.

We're aware of the issue, it is tracked here:

Sorry for the bad experience. We're working on fixing the issue.

> Thanks,
> Ilya
> PS: on Windows would be nice to be able to use the same color theme for all
> IDE tabs/windows.

Kevin Funk | kfunk at kde.org | http://kfunk.org
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