KDE vs. native/Qt file dialogs

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 14:13:25 UTC 2017

On Thursday January 05 2017 14:32:29 Aleix Pol wrote:


I presume you meant to reply to the list, so fixed that bit in my own reply.

> The reason is that it comes from the QPlatformTheme. And it's what it

I agree to the extent that my own Mac platform theme plugin prefers native file dialog, but that's instead of Qt's own file dialogs which have very little extra to offer over the native ones.

> should be. We embrace the platform our users decided to use. That's a
> feature, not a bug.

I'm not saying it's a bug, but I do think there is justification for giving users a bit more choice. KDevelop is a tool for power users, restricting it for reasons akin to the emperor's clothes is wrong IMHO.
And Linux users should be the first to understand that the decision to use that platform doesn't mean you'll never want "borrow" functionality from other platforms, and for good reason ;)

(Somehow certain Linux users tend to forget that though when they decide a bit too easily what users of other platforms should be using, often without even using that platform themselves.)

The choice "KDE vs. native" file dialogs (where "native =/= Qt") goes beyond a platform choice. It's more a choice of form over feature, at least on some platforms. Of course it would be nice(r) if the KDE file dialog could in fact be built upon a native dialog, using whatever extension mechanism exist on each platform to provide consistent cross-platform functionality. But that's a KIO thing, and would also be reinventing the wheel at least partly. It would probably be easier to make it look as best as possible with the native application style rather than re-implementing it to a large degree.


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