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> Hi all,
> The following is Sysadmin's suggested plan for the retirement of
> Reviewboard now that Phabricator is fully up and running for hosting
> of code reviews.
> Phase 1: Commences September 2: All repositories are closed for
> accepting new reviews on Reviewboard. A notice is added to the top of
> the main page indicating that reviews should now be done on
> Phabricator.
> Phase 2: Commences September 16: Login to Reviewboard is disabled, and
> final backups are taken. A static copy of Reviewboard is generated and
> published online, and the software itself is taken down.

Does this mean i can still see:
 * Diffs
 * emails of the people that made those diffs

Diffs should definitely be - as long as they're not broken due to the issue
I noted.

As you wouldn't be able to access them currently there is no change in that

In terms of email addresses this will only be the case if Reviewboard
displays them publicly. Their username will still be shown though which we
can lookup on Identity.


After phase 2?


> The vast majority of projects should now be migrated to Phabricator,
> with only historical reviews needing to be cleaned up.
> Note that due to how Reviewboard stores diffs and reproduces them for
> use, some reviews may have decayed and may no longer be readable. This
> is due to short-hashes which are used by Git/Reviewboard in diffs now
> having collisions with other commits which previously did not exist.
> Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this.
> Any comments on the above?
> Regards,
> Ben
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