Tests leaving behind large temporary files

Bhushan Shah bhush94 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 11:40:07 UTC 2017

Hello Ben,

On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 10:59:49PM +1200, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> Could someone please investigate, determine which test(s) are
> responsible and fix those tests to cleanup after themselves?

I did some investigation on those left-out files, and it seems it's not
the code of frameworks but code of CI itself leaving those files,

I found a small file "/tmp/tmp8ubko4sx" on FreeBSD builder, looking at
trings of the file,

# strings /tmp/tmp8ubko4sx
checksum: 39909cda53863cdc13d719a7b800f5abf6a2e73eb89270c26f3cf94ce4dbc570
scmRevision: null
timestamp: 1502708857.009341

And then I looked at the ci builder code and turns out those parts come
from the capture-workspace.py code of ci-tooling.

We need to make that code failproof it seems instead of the frameworks


Bhushan Shah
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