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Kevin Funk kfunk at kde.org
Thu Aug 10 22:11:31 UTC 2017

On Tuesday, 8 August 2017 12:04:43 CEST Kevin Funk wrote:
> On Tuesday, 8 August 2017 10:20:31 CEST René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > The recent fix for the type registry hang-on-exit introduced a few
> > qCDebug(LANGUAGE) statements. Curiously they're printing for me, despite
> > the fact that I have *.debug=false at the top of my qtlogging.ini file and
> > nothing kdevplatform or language specific that would override this.
> > 
> > How can this be?
> It's printed before the logging category handling is set up I think.
> I'll try to fix this -- I'd actually like to delay the registration of the
> type classes anyway, if possible.


commit a5eac48a83fc6e443459e7e045b9230b011c537b
Author: Kevin Funk <kfunk at kde.org>
Date:   Fri Aug 11 00:08:18 2017 +0200

    types: Remove unfilterable debug output
    This is printed before Qt categorized logging is properly set up and
    thus may be printed even though it's technically disabled via filters.
    We're more interested in the debug messages which are printed on
    destruction/unregistration anyway.

... in 5.1 branch, I'll eventually merge this commit into (kdevelop) master.

> > And FWIW, if you're going to be printing out this kind of information,
> > wouldn't it be nicer to print something more meaningful than a number?
> Not easily possible.
> > R.

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