Merging KDevPlatform into KDevelop

Kevin Funk kfunk at
Thu Aug 3 19:42:47 UTC 2017

On Thursday, 3 August 2017 01:07:58 CEST Aleix Pol wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Here's a proposal for the merge. Since it's a sensitive issue I'd be
> happier if someone else could take a look.
> These are the commands to run:
> ```
> cd kdevelop
> git remote add -f kdevplatform ../kdevplatform
> git merge -s ours --allow-unrelated-histories --no-commit
> kdevplatform/master git read-tree --prefix=kdevplatform/ -u
> kdevplatform/master
> git commit -m "Merge KDevPlatform into KDevelop"

Just tried this: Works fine for me. This is almost the same script I've used 
for merging kdev-clang & kdev-qmake into kdevelop.git.

The next line (`git pull ...`) messes up things for me though. I'm not sure we 
want it. Reasons:
- Takes several minutes to finish here
- I think it flattens the merge and puts all commits from kdevplatform on top 
of kdevelop master(?)
- Ends up in a conflict:

CONFLICT (rename/rename): Rename "qmake/qmake/qmakeprojectmodel.h"->"qmake/
qmakeprojectmodel.h" in branch "d74499f368923838a07d2839523ab543043d9080" 
rename "qmake/qmake/qmakeprojectmodel.h"->"qmakeprojectmodel.h" in 
CONFLICT (rename/rename): Rename "qmake/qmake/qmakeprojectmodel.cpp"->"qmake/
qmakeprojectmodel.cpp" in branch "d74499f368923838a07d2839523ab543043d9080" 
rename "qmake/qmake/qmakeprojectmodel.cpp"->"qmakeprojectmodel.cpp" in 

It seems to conflict with this commit:

commit ceff8e0cf5a5a0dcbaad7831f85c1b72a6b624f4
Author: Harald Fernengel <harry at>
Date:   Wed Aug 17 13:37:15 2005 +0000
     r285 at angua:  harald | 2005-08-12T22:15:51.184479Z

> git pull -s subtree kdevplatform master

^ BAD.

IOW: I think if you leave out the `git pull ...` then it should be fine.

Git history seems to be appropriate. I can `git blame` files & and do e.g.`git 
log --follow -- plugins/appwizard` just fine afterwards.

that's my HEAD after running those 4 Git commands:

*   8a4b5a6005 - (HEAD -> master) Merge KDevPlatform into KDevelop (7 minutes 
ago) <Kevin Funk>
| *   d74499f368 - (kdevplatform/master) Merge branch '5.1'
| |\  
| | * a95884b6df - (kdevplatform/5.1) welcome page: fix icon for "...

Looks good.


> git apply monolithic-kdev.patch # as attached
> ```
> This will create a kdevplatform subdirectory. In the patch you'll see
> I added some tweaks so everything still just builds (tm). I thought
> that we can do further reorganizations once it's inside. That said, I
> think it's fine to keep the KDevPlatform concept for now.
> Thoughts?
> Aleix

Kevin Funk | kfunk at |
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