Merging KDevPlatform into KDevelop

Aleix Pol aleixpol at
Wed Aug 2 23:07:58 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,
Here's a proposal for the merge. Since it's a sensitive issue I'd be
happier if someone else could take a look.

These are the commands to run:
cd kdevelop

git remote add -f kdevplatform ../kdevplatform
git merge -s ours --allow-unrelated-histories --no-commit kdevplatform/master
git read-tree --prefix=kdevplatform/ -u kdevplatform/master
git commit -m "Merge KDevPlatform into KDevelop"
git pull -s subtree kdevplatform master

git apply monolithic-kdev.patch # as attached

This will create a kdevplatform subdirectory. In the patch you'll see
I added some tweaks so everything still just builds (tm). I thought
that we can do further reorganizations once it's inside. That said, I
think it's fine to keep the KDevPlatform concept for now.

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