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Tue Sep 20 03:42:25 UTC 2016

Hi All

Just wanted to hear thoughts or comments before I reply to Allen.

kdev-perforce has recently been moved to kdevplatform.

I would at some point like to remove the repo entirely, but since there has
not been a release of KDevelop with the plug-in yet, I guess it is a little
premature to do that at the moment.

So I guess the appropriate steps would be to:

1) Get the repo moved from review (Since it has been included in
kdevplatform I consider that as passing review - no? )
2) Add something to the read-me to make users aware that the plug-in has
3) Wait for the plug-in to be included in an official release ( 5.1.x
perhaps? ).
4) Close/remove the repo.


2016-09-18 20:08 GMT+04:00 Allen Winter <winter at kde.org>:

> Howdy,
> there's some stuff that's been in kdereview for a long time.
> according to kde_projects.xml, the kdereview programs are:
>   bodega-client (at least since Dec 2013)
>   kdev-perforce
>   kdots (at least since Nov 2015)
>   kor (at least since Oct 2014)
>   kpeg
>   kwave
> some of these (eg kwave) are actively developed.
> Can the owners of these please move them to a final location,
> clean them out, or let me know if they are really still under review?
> And by "move" I mean change their virtual location according to
> kde_projects
> or whatever "moving" means these days.
> -Allen

Regards / Med venlig hilsen

Morten Danielsen Volden
Software Developer
M.Sc. EE
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