KDevelop Plugin for clang-tidy

Carlos Nihelton carlosnsoliveira at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 16:03:25 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Amazing things you all have done into KDevelop! It's getting more and 
more useful every day.

I read about the Problem Checker Framework and started to write a plugin 
for clang-tidy (https://github.com/CarlosNihelton/kdev-clang-tidy). It 
is already in a useful state, but I plan to add support for interactive 
fixing code based on clang-tidy suggestions and clang-apply-replacements 
automatic fix feature.

When I updated my local repository of KDevelop I noticed a new session 
configuration page called Analyzers. How can I insert the clang-tidy 
plugin into there? (Also I believe kdev-cppcheck will soon be inserted 
there too).

Also, I'd like to submit my plugin for review soon after that.

Thanks in advance,

Carlos Nihelton Electrical Engineer and C++ Practitioner/Enthusiast

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