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Review request for KDE Software on Mac OS X and KDevelop.


Two screenhots on Linux to show the subtle impact of using a Fusion style QTabBar in the ContainerTabBar (taken from the same screen rectangle without moving the KDevelop windows between style changes). Even if we don't want to do dynamic testing of the style being used the visual changes are minimal, with the biggest quantifiable loss a slightly bigger waste of space in QtCurve. (Curiously, that particular difference feels more apparent on OS X itself.)

Bugs: 363473

Repository: kdevplatform


This is a potential fix for an issue raised on BKO:

It's also the most complete/implementation:
- applies only when the Macintosh widget style is being used
- if so, creates a QStyle object for the Fusion widget style
- when successful, sets the `Sublime::ContainerTabBar` to use that style

This solves all issues stemming from Qt's use of a "native" widget that is intended only for use in dialogs and not in tabbed document interfaces.

In my testing, the `ContainerTabBar` ctor is called only rarely, apparently only when changing views (e.g. code -> patch review and back again, or code -> debug). If that observation is correct, use of a global `qTabBarStyle` variable is justified (but more elegant solutions might exist). This observation also justifies (IMHO) the check for the active application style rather than using an `#ifdef Q_OS_OSX` or even applying the fix across all platforms and application styles. That is certainly a possibility that doesn't lead to any shocking style mismatches in my eyes. It does cause some loss of compactness when using my QtCurve settings, which is why I added the style check; a small cost as a gesture to users of a highly configurable style.

There is still some weirdness behind the tabs which looks like a misaligned well or frame. I'd love to get that right too.


  sublime/container.cpp b04f6c3 



See (unpatched) and the last series of screenshots attached to the ticket on BKO. They show the fix applied to various styles on OS X.

File Attachments (updated)

background: pure Breeze theme. Foreground: Breeze with the QTabBar set to Fusion
Background: pure QtCurve<OS X Graphite>. Foreground: QtCurve<OS X Graphite> with QTabBar set to Fusion


René J.V. Bertin

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