Releasing 5.0.1 as soon as possible?

Milian Wolff mail at
Tue Sep 6 10:53:04 UTC 2016

On Dienstag, 6. September 2016 00:28:18 CEST Kevin Funk wrote:
> On Monday, 5 September 2016 21:27:44 CEST Sven Brauch wrote:
> > Hey,
> > 
> > On 09/05/2016 09:22 PM, Kevin Funk wrote:
> > > we've experienced a few grave bugs in the KDevelop 5.0.0 release, such 
> > >
> > >
> > >   etc. pp.
> > > 
> > > Let's release a 5.0.1 as soon as possible? Say next week or so?
> > 
> > I wanted to suggest the same but I want the background parser deadlocks
> > fixed as well for 5.0.1. I'll try to get that done asap (3rd attempt now
> > ...).
> Makes sense, +1.

+2, let's do this.

We also just talked about this during the BOF. Noone said they have any 
serious blockers except the deadlock we are working on. So getting 5.0.1 out 
as quickly as possible would be awesome to have.

> > I also have some fixes for the AppImage on older systems (seems to even
> > run on SLES 11 now!) which I would then release together with 5.0.1.
> Awesome!

Indeed, I think it's good to release this in the future for new releases. Can 
you document how you do all that (if you haven't, already)? I heard you are 
planning to upstream the scripts to do that as well, very cool and welcome!

Just note that here at Akademy, Gregor Mi is trying to use the AppImage and I 
/think/ he's seeing a lot of issues that are due to it. Like missing sqlite 
plugin which breaks QtHelp and stuff like that? Are you aware of that? Afaik 
Gregor is reporting bugs for that. Gregor, if that is not the case, please 
report everything :)


Milian Wolff
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