Review Request 127669: Add back Source Browse Mode as a menu action

Igor Kushnir igorkuo at
Thu May 19 14:28:48 UTC 2016

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This change has been marked as submitted.

Review request for KDevelop.


Submitted with commit 4cc756784e03640562665b1163552b7199004960 by Gleb Popov on behalf of Igor Kushnir to branch 5.0.

Repository: kdevplatform


A recent commit "Remove confusing button in contextbrowser" removed this mode.
However this mode is useful for quick navigation when reading/debugging code.
This partially reverts commit aeb3a26837fe1510bbb5f49fffaad8d560498f65.

A menu item is not nearly as distracting and confusing as a fickle tool button.
So this commit does not reintroduce BUG 358498.


  plugins/contextbrowser/browsemanager.h efe39cdf077316602a70ae4133ea3edc499dbb38 
  plugins/contextbrowser/browsemanager.cpp 0d8f6cb494c268a49ec46fd6d3ef050598d18250 
  plugins/contextbrowser/contextbrowser.cpp f8ab2aa9f46be9482475d913d506531b353822bf 
  plugins/contextbrowser/kdevcontextbrowser.rc d6ddeada755ab9f08b9948498ec727a6535af1b5 



Built, installed.
Also built and installed kdevelop with changes from
Verified the presence of the action in the Navigation menu.
Verified that a shortcut can be assigned and works.
Verified that the action works as expected: enables/disables Source Browse Mode.


Igor Kushnir

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