Qt5/Mac header finding in KDevelop5 (clang parser??)

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 10:16:42 UTC 2016

On Wednesday June 22 2016 11:24:27 Milian Wolff wrote:

>Extend the DefinesAndIncludeManager and make it aware of frameworks. Please 

I'll have a look. Is that the class that receives the include path from the custom make manager I patched?

>keep this ifdefed to macOS, as I don't want to pollute that already complex 
>dialog on platforms that don't care about this mac-only feature.

That's the thing, it's not really a Mac-only feature in a certain sense. Clang/LLVM support the arguments everywhere, and as I wrote in the RR, that has to be because clang is in fact a cross-compiler. Out-of-the box it will allow you to build Mach-O object files on Linux and ELF objects on OS X provided the correct headers are available. Being able to use KDevelop as a Linux IDE to edit code configured to build for OS X (and hosted remotely) might be a considerable advantage for devs who do not have direct access to a Mac.

Anyway, there may be no need to provide anything via the dialog. I'm not even sure which one that is, the one showing up under "Language Support"? 
The -iframework and/or -F options are generated by CMake, and this whole issue arose because I currently have to use a dialog to add custom patch since those options aren't supported.

Does extending DefinesAndIncludeManager mean by definition that there has to be a GUI for the new feature? Couldn't we begin by simply adding support for these options as they are provided by the build system, without a GUI to add them post-hoc? That is in any case how I'd like to approach this anyway; no need to spend effort on a GUI for a feature until it works as intended.
If needed for importing a new (cmake) project they can always be provided via the cmake extra arguments. 


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