Review Request 128209: restore system environment for subprocesses

Sven Brauch mail at
Thu Jun 16 15:10:19 UTC 2016

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Review request for KDevelop and Kevin Funk.

Repository: kdevplatform


When running in some kind of container (esp. AppImage), we need to restore the original system environment for all external processes. This patch does that, using the information about the original environment which was set by the startup shell script.


  outputview/outputexecutejob.cpp 2f184dc 
  outputview/outputjob.h 5c9524c 
  outputview/outputjob.cpp 6a6d1d6 
  plugins/executescript/scriptappjob.cpp 20d8acd 
  plugins/externalscript/externalscriptjob.cpp 5b48c2b 
  util/commandexecutor.cpp 578a6bf 
  util/environmentgrouplist.h 9e26a1b 
  util/environmentgrouplist.cpp c762296 
  vcs/dvcs/dvcsjob.cpp a45d87c 



Can run cmake from KDevelop AppImage now without library errors.


Sven Brauch

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