Review Request 127827: open/fetch project: restore broken workflows after native file dialog port

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Sun Jun 12 20:54:32 UTC 2016

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(Updated June 12, 2016, 8:54 p.m.)

Review request for KDevelop and Kevin Funk.


Implement Gleb's suggestion.

* old behaviour is still the same on plasma
* outside plasma, only directories can be selected; you select the project file to use on the last page of the wizard.

Not terribly well tested.

Repository: kdevplatform


The native dialog has two significant restrictions: it cannot be embedded, and it cannot be told to accept both a directory _or_ a file at once. The previous change to the open project dialog broke the (important) option to open a directory as a project. This fixes that through introduction of an extra step: you select the method you want to open your project with first. This has the advantage of making it more clear to the user what the options are; many users are still not aware you can simply tell KDevelop to open a folder as a project.

I'm well aware this is far from an optimal solution, but right now it's just broken and this is certainly an improvement over the current situation. Better ideas welcome.

Diffs (updated)

  shell/openprojectdialog.h d39ff8e 
  shell/openprojectdialog.cpp 9ccca43 
  shell/projectcontroller.cpp fe704c3 
  shell/projectinfopage.h 92183be 
  shell/projectinfopage.cpp fb440fd 
  shell/projectinfopage.ui d7b1cb8 



can open from CMakeLists.txt, from foo.kdev5 or from a folder; also fetch works again (before simply random stuff happened)

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the added dialog


Sven Brauch

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