New preliminary installer for KDevelop 5.0 beta on Windows 64-bit

Kevin Funk kfunk at
Wed Jan 20 00:55:45 UTC 2016


I've updated the installer for the KDevelop 5.0 branch on Windows 64-bit (see 
link below). Major change: KDevelop on Windows is now Clang-based, too.

This installer contains the latest changes in kdevplatform + kdevelop + a few 
additional patches against Qt5, see below:

# Changes

* Now uses the new *Clang-backend* for C/C++ language support!

* Icon issues are resolved
* Fixed "QUrl::PreferLocalFile is not equal to toLocalFIle"
* Fixed KDevelop application icon
* Fixed kdevfiletemplates previews on Windows
* Now filtering out internal CMake targets that appear on Windows
* CMake: Fixed target enumerating on Windows by using QTextStream for reading 
* MSVC warnings + errors are now recognized in the Build output view

PS: Lots of thanks go to Gleb Popov, who's helping out fixing problems on 

# Known issues

* No real compiler selection possible
  * Workaround: Just start kdevelop from the "correct" environment
    * I.e. start "MSVC 20XX command prompt", then start kdevelop.exe
    * Similarly for MinGW-based setups
* CMake/QMake plugin disables itself if cmake/qmake resp. is not in PATH
  * Workaround: Make sure cmake/qmake is in PATH
* Just noticed that now: Installer title says "KDevelop gitHEAD" :)
* Anything that's on:

# Further work

I'd like to iron out a few more bugs, then publish this installer on my blog 
so a wider audience gets access to it.

# Get it

Newest installer available at:;O=D
  (just uploaded the *20160120* drop)

Report any bugs at:

# Contribute!

If you want to help out making KDevelop shine on Windows, great!

* To compile and install both dependencies + KDevelop: 
  * Read:
  * Install either MSVC 2015 Update 1 or a recent MinGW
  * Install emerge on your Windows machine / VM
  * Then `emerge kdevelop`

Any feedback on the installer, or KDevelop on Windows in general, is greatly 


Kevin Funk | kfunk at |
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