Review Request 127038: Fix crash when starting a new job if a job for given configuration is already running

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Thu Feb 11 08:46:55 UTC 2016

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Review request for KDevelop.

Repository: kdevplatform


If we happen to enter the if branch, QMessageBox is shown and local processing loop gets invoked.
If a job that was on currentJobs() list finishes before user closes the message box, the job will be deleted and on next iteration of the foreach loop, findNativeJob will crash trying to perform qobject_cast on deleted object.

currentJobList(job#1, job#2)
enter loop:
 - first loop iteration (process job#1)
 - duplication detected
 - show QMessageBox
 - enter local event loop
   - job#2 finishes
   - user closes the QMessageBox
 - QMessageBox returns
 - next loop iteration (process job#2)
 - findNativeJob(job#2) 
   - qobject_cast on deleted object -> CRASH

While attached patch fixes the crash, it does not fix a problem of running multiple test suites in parallel (when starting one after another manually by user).
I don't know why we allow only one job per configuration. Is this loop needed at all?
I need your help on where to go from this.


  plugins/execute/nativeappjob.cpp fcc0a38 



To reproduce this issue:

1) create empty cmake project with two tests:
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.6)


find_program(SLEEP sleep)
find_program(ECHO echo)

add_test(unit_test_crash ${SLEEP} 5)
add_test(unit_test_crash2 ${ECHO} "Test 2 finished")

2) show the Unit Tests view
3) start the test "unit_test_crash" (by single left mouse click on it)
4) while the first test is running, start the second test


Maciej Cencora

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