project manager and trash

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Dec 28 12:33:35 UTC 2016

On Wednesday December 28 2016 12:42:40 Aleix Pol wrote:

>> - items can also be "really deleted", bypassing the trash?
>Define "can". :)

Huh? It seems that holding the Shift key while clicking "Remove" deletes items directly instead of moving them to the trash.

>> - there's a shortcut somewhere in KDevelop to empty the trash?
>Of course not.

With all due and undue respect, I think it should if it uses the trash. Again, it may be used on a non-plasma desktop where there may be no direct way to empty KDE's trash. The Mac platform is a good case in point: until recently the KIO trash wasn't accessible at all through platform means, you had to launch dolphin in order to see and empty it. 

IIRC digiKam has circumvented this issue by using its own trash. Which of course can (and has to be) emptied in digiKam itself.

But frankly, I never expected the trash to be used, in large part because removing an item also removes it from the project's VCS. Moving to a trash could make sense if you can undo the full operation, but that would require full trash management in KDevelop because I doubt any other application could know whether an item also has to be restored to VCS.
At the same time you can argue that if an item was in VCS it can be restored from there, so there's no need to move the file to a trash bin.

>> - the trash can be made to appear in the file manager toolview?
>I guess?

I guessed so to, but haven't yet figured out how. There's no settings thingy in/on the file manager toolview.

>Also I'm pretty sure this is not the cmake plugin doing it but rather KDev*.

Me too, but since I didn't want to generalise having only tried this with the CMake project manager ;)


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