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Alexander Potashev aspotashev at
Sat Dec 17 22:21:44 UTC 2016

2016-12-11 23:26 GMT+03:00 René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin at>:
> Thanks. Any particular reason these are still using SVN (maybe the fact one can checkout subdirectories)?

As far as I can remember and/or guess:

1. Historical reasons: migration may be painful for translators.

2. Needs manpower to adapt existing scripts for automated sync of
translations with the source code.

3. It's hard to decide whether
   a. have one Git repo for all translations (then all translators
have to download hudreds of megabytes or even gigabytes of files they
mostly don't need) or
   b. have one repo per language - then the automation scripts will
get even more complex because instead of one "svn commit" you will
have to perform multiple "git push" operations when you sync all
translations. Some of these "git push" commands might fail while
others being successful, might be non-trivial what to do in that case.

> There's no nice little script to fetch all translations for a given project and bundle them up ready for running cmake,make,make install? :)

The most appropriate existing code to start with is probably the
scripts used by Kevin (or Sven?) to create the release tarballs, no
idea where to find them though.

In order to _test_ new translations against yet unreleased versions of
any KDE software I use my own one-liners:

 1. In my .bashrc:

function tru5 {
-s .po "$PO_FILE").mo
   msgfmt -v "$PO_FILE" -o "$DEST"

 2. Then goes something like this:

  cd kderu/trunk/l10n-kf5/ru/messages/extragear-kdevelop/
  for n in `ls -1` ; do tru5 $n ; done
(go to the SVN working copy with .po files, then run msgfmt for each
file in there)

Alexander Potashev

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