Review Request 104595: Actually use ExecuteBrowserPlugin in XDebugJob

Dominik Schmidt kde at
Mon Dec 12 21:54:32 UTC 2016

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for KDevelop and Quanta.

Repository: quanta


Currently the XDebugJob always uses QDesktopServices::openUrl() to open the debug page in the browser, this patch makes use of the ExecuteBrowserPlugin instance that is already present in XDebug job so the configured browser is launched.

Also it makes BrowserAppJob launch the external browser KProc with .startDetached() instead of .execute() to prevent freezing of the KDevelop GUI.

Arguments are currently ignored still, a patch for that is following

Feel free to nitpick, I haven't done any KDE coding in a while and would like to hear any suggestion for improvements :-)


  debuggers/xdebug/debugjob.h 9925733 
  debuggers/xdebug/debugjob.cpp 0f04914 
  plugins/executebrowser/browserappjob.h 37ff700 
  plugins/executebrowser/browserappjob.cpp a211205 
  plugins/executebrowser/executebrowserplugin.h 7c78733 
  plugins/executebrowser/executebrowserplugin.cpp 921142f 
  plugins/executebrowser/iexecutebrowserplugin.h f786622 



It works ... ;-)


Dominik Schmidt

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