GSoC Project: LLDB Support for KDevelop

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Sat Apr 23 05:51:32 UTC 2016

Hi all,

It seems that my proposal for the LLDB support was accepted by the GSoC,
and I'm going to work on this for the summer. So I think this might be a
good time to introduce myself/my proposal a little bit.

First of all, here's the quick takeaways for the proposal, you can find the
full version at [1].

- Communication with LLDB: A wrapper that hides all hassles communicating
with LLDB and provide a consistent API that is agnostic to specific
communication methods
- LLDB Specific Classes: Implementation of LLDB specific controllers and
manager classes. This includes DebugSession and friends, *Controller
classes and config page factories.
- UI and Other: Refactor on UI related classes to make them not bound to
Gdb specific backend, and hook it up with the LLDB backend.

Then I'd like to update my current working status.

I've played with the code for a while and have a basic understanding of the
whole architecture of kdevelop/kdevplatform and the debugger plugin. The
investigation on different ways to talk with LLDB is what I'm going to do
next, as said in the proposal.

The actual code work on the project haven''t started yet. I'm working on
fixing bugs in related code right now, in order to get more familiar to the
code base and the work flow [2]. I've finished the major part of the fix
and am writing test cases now.

Unfortunately I have to prepare for my exams for the next week so there
won't be any significant update shortly, but after that I can allocate more
time on this.

Finally, thank you for reading this lengthy message. Any thoughts,
questions or suggestions for the proposal/project are more than welcomed.


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