Drupal Help Needed: Website needs to be updated to Drupal 7/8

Kevin Funk kfunk at kde.org
Sun Apr 24 10:02:17 UTC 2016

On Sunday, April 24, 2016 11:47:37 AM CEST Alexander Zhigalin wrote:
> The problem is still there?

We have set up a new site with a recent Drupal version, but it isn't live yet.

As we upgrade the Drupal version, we'd intend to introduce a fresh redesign of 
the website (which we're still working on). If you want to help out working on 
restructuring the website + applying a modern style, great!

Please contact us in #kdevelop on Freenode or write us (Milian + me) a private 


> I would like to help.
> (after all I'm a PHP dev)
> 26.02.2016, 19:49, "Milian Wolff" <mail at milianw.de>:
> Hey all,
> our KDevelop website is still running on Drupal 6 which is now officially
> unsupported! We must act _now_ to update the website to Drupal 7.
> Is anyone available to help in the effort? Otherwise I'll try to tackle this
> task myself. I'd rather spent the time fixing KDevelop of course ;-) So if
> someone in our user base has experience in that area - please step forward!
> Thanks
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> http://milianw.de
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