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I wanted to update about the work I have do so far for integrating the LLDB

I am not following the exact approach I mentioned in my proposal .I am
working as if I were creating the plugin from scratch.This helps, as it
makes it easier  to think about what should be done next.Still ,a few
things that I mentioned in my proposal have been partially completed .

The current state of the plugin:

1. User gets to choose what debugger to use. i.e Lldb or Gdb

2.On choosing to debug the program,the program will start and the output
will be displayed in the debug area(only in case of Gdb). In case of Lldb
,to make the output display in the debug area Parser class needs to be
implemented .This happens because for lldb the tty option is not supported
on linux.

What needs to be done next:

1.Cleaning up the code

2.Testing on Windows and Mac.I can test on windows .Could someone please
test it on Mac?

3.Giving the commands the way they were being given earlier. i.e Using the
CommandQueue class.

4.Start setting up  breakpointcontroller ,variablecontroller  and

Things that I have started working on according to my proposal:

1.Setting up classes like DebuggerPlugin,Gdb and Lldb Launcher (these
classes are debugger specific so they can't be shared),ConfigPage :All this
was supposed to be done in the first two weeks .

2.Setting up DebugJob , DebugSession  :- This was to be done in the next 4
weeks .

I am updating my work here:

Thank you :)
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