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Fri Sep 25 02:15:39 UTC 2015

Hey guys, Manuel (BCC'ed).

I've talked to Manuel Klimek of LLVM/Clang fame yesterday here at CppCon. He 
really welcomes our work on clang-c, and here I mean Sergey who is doing most 
of the work upstream right now.

Internally at Google they are mostly relying on the C++ API for Clang, and 
only some of them use it indirectly via their editor (vim/emacs/...) via 
YouCompleteMe (YCM, [1]).

This also explains why there is no huge response to us reporting bugs or 
putting patches up for review (again, mostly Sergey atm - thanks!).

Manuel explicitly states that he would really like to see more work in that 
area though. Going forward, he suggests that we not only report bugs and send 
patches, but also get involved with reviewing other people's patches touching 
clang-c. If someone of us does this long enough, he'll potentially get more 
power and responsibility, and maybe even takes over the role of maintainer for 
the clang-c API. This is not a bad idea imo, considering how much we are 
relying on it for KDevelop.

Could we maybe start out organizing who's going to add what upstream? Most of 
the stuff is going to be about adding c-API for existing C++ API, which should 
hopefully be straight forward in most cases. Some missing stuff is annotated  
with TODO's in the code base. The harder cases will be fixing bugs and crashes 
where we see them, but we can do that, it's just a few lines of C++ code in 
Clang - how hard can it be? ;-)

Furthermore, if we ever spot anything and need guidance, Manuel suggested to 
send mails not only to the mailing list, but also TO/CC him directly to make 
sure he reads the mail as he's pretty busy usually. Also add him to your 

Manuel, I hope the above is correct, please correct me where appropriate. I've 
BCC'ed you to not spam you with follow-ups to this thread on our mailing list.

Cheers, and thanks everyone for helping in making KDevelop better - one way or 


Milian Wolff
mail at
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