Review Request 123134: Don't hardcode paths

Alex Richardson arichardson.kde at
Wed Mar 25 23:35:30 UTC 2015

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Review request for KDevelop and Sven Brauch.

Repository: kdev-python


3 commits:


Don't hardcode /usr/bin/pep8ify

I am pretty sure that it will be /usr/local/bin/pep8ify on any BSD


Don't hardcode /usr/bin/pep8-python2

I am pretty sure that it will be /usr/local/bin/pep8-python2 on any BSD
system. Additionally we should probably use pep8-python3 now since the
plugin is based on python3


don't bother executing an invalid executable

This should fix the horde of zombie processes appearing

Should be backported to KDE4 branch, but I have no setup to test that

CCBUG: 345527


  pep8kcm/kcm_pep8.h 24d885ce5a303c388528411bae27eeecb667a40e 
  pep8kcm/kcm_pep8.cpp 16ba0c2eccb4de82607ebaa32f4104fc3e9670d3 
  pythonlanguagesupport.cpp 9ac3e5005dcce9199c129a782e34eb824ec756fa 
  pythonparsejob.cpp 3571ed2793ebf030ebf0d529e8960cdd127e59d8 




Alex Richardson

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