Review Request 122907: Replace "vcsexport.h" with <vcs/vcsexport.h>

Giorgos Tsiapaliokas giorgos.tsiapaliokas at
Wed Mar 11 16:30:47 UTC 2015

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Review request for KDevelop.

Repository: kdevplatform


Replacing "vcsexport.h" with <vcs/vcsexport.h> allows other projects to use KDev::Vcs

In another project if your try to use a header which isn't located in the root vcs directory
like $KF5/include/kdevplatform/vcs the build will fail, 

because the files located in the subdirectories of $KF5/include/kdevplatform/vcs
will try to do #include "vcsexport.h" which it doesn't exist. For example
$KF5/include/kdevplatform/vcs/models/vcseventmodel.h so the build fails.

Instead <vcs/vcsexport.h> which expands to something like 
$KF5/include/kdevplatform/vcs/vcsexport.h exists.


  vcs/interfaces/icontentawareversioncontrol.h c938468 
  vcs/interfaces/ipatchdocument.h 998c184 
  vcs/interfaces/ipatchexporter.h 1a9cce0 
  vcs/interfaces/ipatchsource.h eaaf5a1 
  vcs/models/vcsannotationmodel.h b034729 
  vcs/models/vcseventmodel.h 5ef69f0 
  vcs/models/vcsfilechangesmodel.h 3d87180 
  vcs/models/vcsitemeventmodel.h 19ee034 
  vcs/widgets/standardvcslocationwidget.h 0ad1844 
  vcs/widgets/vcscommitdialog.h a1cf712 
  vcs/widgets/vcsdiffpatchsources.h 601e37a 
  vcs/widgets/vcsdiffwidget.h c2c60fd 
  vcs/widgets/vcseventwidget.h 336d975 
  vcs/widgets/vcsimportmetadatawidget.h 4363df9 
  vcs/widgets/vcslocationwidget.h d1cf35f 



1. Try to build a project which is using KDev::Vcs, the build will fail
2. uninstall kdevplatform and kdevelop
3. make clean in kdevplatform and kdevelop
4. apply this patch
5. build kdevplatform, it builds normally
6. build kdevelop, it builds normally
7. build the other project, it builds normally


Giorgos Tsiapaliokas

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